About Min Yi

I was born in Guangzhou, China post Cultural Revolution. My grandfather, who was just released from “reeducation” after 18 years of hard labor in the communist camp in NW China, named me Su Min Yi  which means Revive Conscious Relationships (I didn’t learn this until I was in my twenties). Looking back and connecting the dots I realized just how significant that name really is.

At the age of 6, my parents and I immigrated to New York City. There I grew up in Little Italy, on the fringes of Chinatown Manhattan. I was the translator and connection for my parents to the new world. To thrive, I learned that I needed to learn skills that were useful. I was very inquisitive, asked many questions about everything so that I can understand and later explain it to my mother in Chinese. My brother was born when I was 8. By 9, I was the main caretaker of my brother when my parents worked at the garment factory.

My first job at 14 was at the New York Public Library, everything I wanted to know was at my finger tips, I taught myself American sign language and learned everything I’ll ever need to know about dogs. At 16, I worked as an intern at HBO Downtown Productions which was the beginning of the 5 years of my work in television and film. There, I worked on comedy shows like Politically Incorrect with Bill Mahar and SNL. I learned power of humor. While working almost full time, I earned a BA in English, following one of my mentor’s advice, learn what you love.

Between breaks and holidays, I enjoyed traveling the world with my independence. One of my stops was to Ashland Oregon where I meet my husband, Cameron. I moved out to Oregon and we had three boys together. They were all safely born at home attended by midwives. My brother was present and supported me at all three births.

Becoming a mother was the greatest motivation for me to get my shit together so I can truly mother to the best of my ability. Ashland was where I was first introduced to Neuro-Linguistics Programming and Family Constellations. These tools helped me understand my unconscious behaviors in order to change it. Eventually, we moved to Honolulu and I interned with a non-profit called Developing Options to Violence, where I mentored with the play therapist and various anger management counselors. Later, I was invited to research and contribute to their parenting curriculum. In my own journey as a parent, I kept my inquisitive mind – wondering always – how can I be a kinder and more loving mother and partner. My search lead me to Non Violent Communication, Baby Language Communication, Waldorf Education, Reiki and many other healing modalities.

Currently, I live and work in Lane County, reviving conscious relationships with my family and supporting those around me do the same. Some organizations I’ve worked with or still working with are: WellMama, Midwifery Today, WomenSpace, Oregon Social Learning Center, City of Eugene, PeaceHealth, SMART program, Lane Community College, Southern Oregon University, as well as individuals and families.

I am the founder of Heart Grown Family which offers communication consulting, workshops, parenting and life coaching services. My office is located in South Eugene. I also see clients via Skype and make occasional visits to see clients in Portland, Oregon.

You can contact me to schedule an appointment at peace@minyisu.com or 541-515-0103.

Reviving the Brightness Within