Mom and Daughter Growing Together

| June 2, 2013

(Authors Note: This is the┬ácontinuation of the NYC visit from April 2013.┬áThese conversations were originally in Cantonese. Translations here are done as accurately as possible.) >br> After the first night, I was a little apprehensive about the 10 more days of staying with my mother. So I vowed, this week with my mom: I will […]

Meeting Mom

| April 15, 2013

When we first arrived at my mother’s, she was in the mist of making dinner. We greeted, we hugged… then she went back to cooking and announced that she would set us up for dinner and then go to someone’s birthday party that evening. There would be dinner and dancing, two of her favorite activities. […]

In Paradise with Dad

| April 7, 2013

Why wasn’t dad going to his only son’s wedding? Then we won’t need to drive three extra hours to see him after flying for five hours. Does he not care any more about his family? Those were some thoughts that went through my mind before the trip. These were judgements and accusations stemming from my […]