“NO!” Blocks Creativity, how about “What else?”

| November 25, 2012

“No” may be one of the very first words we learn to say as children. We know exactly what we don’t want. We learn to say “no” when someone is hurting us or someone else. “No” can be handy in such instances that give boundaries, but it is sorely overused. I remember my parents and [...]

Summer Reflections 2012

| September 18, 2012

Perhaps if I reminded myself what a full and rich summer it’s been, I may not fall too deeply into Autumn melancholy. Things I am grateful for, Summer 2012: Visited Seattle and Vancouver BC with my boys and my mother. Ate delicious xiao long baos, dim sum, chower and sushi. Learned to appreciate and get [...]

Free Intro: Many Hands Make Light Work

| June 7, 2012

Parenting as a pilgrimage of the soul. Transform control into connection, household chores into teamwork. Learn how each step along the way is a catalyst toward spiritual enlightenment. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Um … not always, but it can still be fun. Each step is a challenge, a celebration and a testimony to how much [...]

A mother’s ego.

| May 30, 2012

The ego separates you from the world. The ego says you are either with or without.  Your ego will convince you that you are in control. My ego emerged briefly last night when I put my fists to my hips and started to raise my voice when my children and their friends didn’t even look [...]

Parenting as a Pilgimage of the Soul

| March 5, 2012

Not a single day goes by where I am not thanking my lucky stars for my family. Particularly the days when I am tested and challenged. In the same way that muscles can’t strengthen without resistance, humans cannot grow without challenges and obstacles. So when my children push me to my limits, I view it [...]