Individual clients will learn how to:

  • Discover new and existing resources to face and overcome challenges in life, family and parenting.
  • Gain perspectives on relationships.
  • Reclaim the gifts from the divine.
  • Heal the wounds of the past.
  • Find new language to reshape reality.
  • Heighten compassion for themselves and those around them.
  • Effectively communicate needs and make requests with authenticity.

One time visits and on-going support are both available. $100 per hour session. Some sliding scale available. In person, Skype and telephone appointments are all options. Virtual sessions have a flat rate of  $60/hour or $1/minute.


Group sessions include:

  • Systemic and Family Constellation: By using stand-ins to create a 3 dimensional map of the relationships. The process helps to find clarity in issues beneath the behaviors/patterns/issues. Click here to learn more about Constellations.
  • Mediation facilitation, helping clients express needs and hear needs with more clarity and compassion. Ultimately, all needs can be meet.
  • Therapeutic Inner Peace Yoga, a moving meditation that centers the body, raises the vibrations of our resonance and quiets the mind.

Group sessions are also available upon request. Email or call 541-515-0103.

Reviving the Brightness Within