What is Family Constellations?

Family Constellation as a healing art was first developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. In its highest potential, Family Constellations help individuals heal ancestral wounds and claim ancestral gifts. They allow more clarity, perspective and peace in relationships. They also align the individual soul and the family soul with the source of life and love.

The Facilitator’s job, that is me in this case, is to hold a sacred space for awareness and healing. To speak with authenticity what I see, feel, hear and experience… to provide clients with creative solutions, perspective and awareness that balances the family system and resonate peace throughout the whole.

Family Constellations can relieve tension in interpersonal relationships in the home and in the workplace. It can bring healing and awareness to addiction, depression, anxiety, mental or physical health issues stemming from cellular memory or unconscious loyalty to a member of the family system, living or dead.

Systemic and Family Constellations operate under the following premises:

  1. We are all interconnected. Each member of our family, seen or unseen, each human, animal, plant, stone, water, etc is connected to one another. In essence, we are one.
  2. What happens to one will affect all others. Like a stone that falls into a still pool, the waves it produces will radiate through the water.
  3. Insight into relationships, dynamics, behaviors, patterns and history can be gained from creating a map called a constellation.
  4. Using people and sometimes objects to bring into light what is living, or in some cases, dying in us.
  5. Using people and sometimes objects to demonstrate the spacial dynamics that exist within family systems and how it influences relationships and how patterns can shift.
  6. When our perspective changes, our experience of reality changes too.
  7. There is a natural balance of giving and receiving.
  8. Love flows freely from the source of life.
  9. Our bodies are our faithful messengers.
  10. Peace begins in the soul.

Please inquire at peace@minyisu.com for information about Family Constellations. Learn more about this phenomenal modality, ask your questions and introduce it to your friends and family.

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