Chinese Family Systems

In Chinese culture, which is reflected in the Chinese language, the sense of place is highly valued in a family system. Every person in a family has a specific name based on their relation to each other. For example, my “mah mah” just passed away, my paternal grandmother, as opposed to my “paw paw”, maternal grandmother.  My “uhm gu gey” calls me often and asks about my children, the fifth child of my paternal grandmother or dad’s younger sister. There is also my “die gu mah” whom I haven’t seen since I was 8 years old, first born child of my paternal grandmother. I have a specific title for each family member in my family that identifies exactly how we are related. Everyone knows their place in the family system to create order, hierarchy and, in many ways, peace.

The importance of our belonging in our family is profound and deeply felt. Family Constellations reveals what is missing or forgotten and restores it to its wholeness, so we can feel the love which flows so naturally from our ancestors. With that love, we can access all the strength, patience and confidence we have within us to manifest the life we want to live.

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