Family Constellations

If there is someone in the family that is forgotten, ostracized or ignored, a truth unspoken, or a traumatic event unseen, that family system cannot be at peace. Through Family Constellations, this hidden dynamic can be revealed and resolved. This method extends beyond space and time, every member of the family has a place to belong, dead or alive.

Bert Hellinger, innovator of constellation work, puts it this way: while these problems are expressed through us, they don’t originate within.

The researchers of Limbic Resonance (Thomas Lewis, M.D, Fari Amini, M.D. and Richard Lannon, M.D. authors of A General Theory of Love (2000)) and Morphic Fields (Ruppert Sheldrake), suggest what most indigenous cultures know from tradition and ritual, we are connected to other beings beyond ourselves. In the same way a school of fish or a flock of birds is held in an invisible field, we are held in a family field. It governs and encompasses all its members. A painful experience from one member will affect all members and reverberate down to subsequent generations. As a result, some people today are “entangled” in the hidden unseen traumas of the past.

Family Constellation works with the energy of the family field. It only takes one member of the family to activate this field and change it’s map, affecting how we see the past, present and how we can affect the future. This method takes only hours without analyzing or rehashing painful stories. Constellations can be set in private sessions or in groups.

Family Constellation is the leading form of therapy in Germany. It is practiced among the Objiwa in Canada, aborigines in Australia, Chinese, Mexicans, Jews and Arabs. This unique and magically effective method has spread all over the world to facilitate peace. It doesn’t make sense to the rational mind because Family Constellation works with our body and our senses, which has a much greater intelligence than our brain. It will take some boldness within us to be the ones to pull up the curtain and allow the light to come into our hearts so we can live conscious lives.

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