Summer Reflections 2012

| September 18, 2012

Perhaps if I reminded myself what a full and rich summer it’s been, I may not fall too deeply into Autumn melancholy. Things I am grateful for, Summer 2012: Visited Seattle and Vancouver BC with my boys and my mother. Ate delicious xiao long baos, dim sum, chower and sushi. Learned to appreciate and get [...]

Crunchy Mamas in Las Vegas

| July 15, 2012

My image of Las Vegas has been jaded by the lens of Hollywood. I should have known that the same people who have thus far turned natural birth into some horror flick, would have scandalize a perfectly quaint little city … I’m not saying that the seedy stuff isn’t there. I’m just saying that the [...]

Never Bored

| June 22, 2012

School ended. I wondered and worried, for a moment, what were we going to do this summer, with three boys and limited financing? When I was little, my mother rarely allowed me or my brother to take extracurricular activities or summer camp. Food, shelter and savings were the priorities for this immigrant family. But somehow [...]

A mother’s ego.

| May 30, 2012

The ego separates you from the world. The ego says you are either with or without.  Your ego will convince you that you are in control. My ego emerged briefly last night when I put my fists to my hips and started to raise my voice when my children and their friends didn’t even look [...]

10 ways to Reconnect With Our Children, a response to the UCLA’s recent research study

| April 18, 2012

Some recent articles cropped up from the New York Times and Wall St. Journal, they cited some of the research from University of California, Los Angeles’ Center on Everyday Lives of Families. With the help of 32 local families, 1,540 hours of videotape showing nearly every waking, at-home moment during a week, researchers want to [...]