What all parents have in common

Posted By on May 21, 2024

I have the blessing of working directly with all kinds of families with small children. Each one has taught me something new about people, myself, and love.

Regardless of money, social status, education, health, culture, ethnicity, politics, all the families I have worked with have one thing in common: they genuinely want their children to have a better life than they had. So from the get go, we already have something in common.

When I asked my 16 year old why he thought I had such a wide variety of families who accept the program. He simply said, “because all new families could use a little more help.” I believe that to be true as well.

About The Author

I am a Chinese-American mother of three boys, parenting with the traditions worth keeping from the East and West. I continue to learn new ways of raising a family and myself.


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