Heart Melt Moments

Posted By on August 19, 2013

Clayton scootered down the street of a friend’s house. The road was hilly, and as we soon discovered, it was also gravely. He fell, quite fantastically, and scrapped one knee, one elbow, one thigh, and the whole right side of his abdomin and chest. There are going to be some memorable souvenir scars from this one.

As I was cleaning him up in our friend’s house, I said, we’re not going to be going anywhere for a while.

In between tears, sobs and “I’m dying”, he said he wouldn’t be able to help around the house for a few days either. (heart melt moment #1)

Clayton received two chocolates from our friend before we left their house. He didn’t want to eat them right away. When he finally wanted to eat them after I cleaned his wounds, he asked me if he could share them with his brothers. (heart melt moment #2)

Just last month, for Clayton’s birthday, we went around a circle and shared with the birthday boy what attributes we saw in him and were grateful for. Jing Wen, his older brother, said that Clayton was generous and fun to be with. How right on was he.

Thanks to Clayton, quite a few kids learned today not to scooter down that hill. What I am even more grateful for is the reminder of what a kind, loving and adventurous person I have in my life. Thank you dear Clayton.

PS: He is healing nicely, well bandaged and sleeping soundly.


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