The Divine Mystery introduced me to a Chinese sister

Posted By on April 11, 2012

For so long my image of China has been colored by a century of revolution, wounds in my family of origin and the disenchanted Chinese people I’ve encountered in the US and in China, and of course, the internet news articles I happen across. Perhaps what the wise ones say is true: we collect evidence that support our view of the world and disregard the rest.

How does one (I guess this one is me) make room in her heart for something else to exist?

The Divine Mystery introduced me to a Chinese sister this week to see if I’m paying attention.

She tells me she comes from a China where joy and fulfillment exist.

She does not live in a temple although she frequents them. She studied journalism and spirituality in college. She does what young people do, watch movies, hang out with friends, eat out, but does not care for video games. She enjoys nature. She studies Family Constellations, one of my favorite healing modalities, and is an avid ESL (English Second Language) student. She loves China.

She has big brown eyes, shiny and clear. She is thoughtful and kind.

In these few moments with her, I allowed my heart to open to this new information. It swelled in my chest and to my throat. I allowed my eyes to pool with tears. I simply allowed my body to respond in which ever way it needed to … in a way my words would not know how.

Now that I made space in my reality for this information to exist. Surely, surely, I will see the shift in the news soon.

Anyhow … the future already looks a little brighter from here.

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I am a Chinese-American mother of three boys, parenting with the traditions worth keeping from the East and West. I continue to learn new ways of raising a family and myself.


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