Wedding Vows

Posted By on June 22, 2010

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About The Author

I am a Chinese-American mother of three boys, parenting with the traditions worth keeping from the East and West. I continue to learn new ways of raising a family and myself.


2 Responses to “Wedding Vows”

  1. I am grateful for your post, I definitely will add this website to my personal rss feeds, a friend just told me in regards to this yesterday. this is the greatest

  2. Victoria Destiny Walker says:

    My eye is better now, thank you – I was treated with some antiboitic ointment and am feeling much better now.

    These vows are so full of love, so wonderful that you have published them on your website. I send you all my warmth toward the next 5 years of mutually fulfilling partnership.

    My best to you, Cameron and your sweet boys,

    Victoria Destiny Walker

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